Better Messenger Bags and Backpacks for Scooters and Motorcycles
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Messenger Bags & Backpacks for Scooter, Motorcycle & Moped Riders. Model Karrie Vrabel

New Metro backpack for motorcycle, scooter and moped riders. Messenger Bags & Backpacks
For Scooter, Motorcycle & Moped Riders

Powered two-wheeled conveyances are a GREAT way to get around, especially in an urban environment. They offer excellent fuel economy, low operating costs, and make the commute FUN. Though many scooters have some storage (usually under the seat) some do not and most motorcycles and mopeds have precious little cargo space. There are many luggage options including tank bags, trunks & saddlebags... FOR THE MACHINE. We offer messenger bags and backpacks FOR YOU. Less costly than fixed luggage, easy to use and BETTER than fixed luggage for items such as laptops and digital cameras. Visit our BAGS page for more product information, or jump right to our BUY page to make a purchase. You can find contact information on the ABOUT page and see links to related websites at LINKS.

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